Shopping or creating your own t shirt and other print on demand products here at Teesapid is a breeze. All you need is eyes or that design idea you’ve been keeping…

1.     Product Selection

Our shop is made up of stunningly charming product designs that come in varying sizes and colors. Well, we thought we should borrow a leaf from the wonderful human being who said “variety is the spice of life”.

From our abundant shop, find t-shirts, leggings, dresses, phone cases, hoodies and more! You really won’t miss something that will make you or that special person smile. Just go ahead and add-to-cart one, two, three or even items designs. You’re already awesome!

2.     Create your Custom Product

If all you want is something that is truly different and of your own taste, we have already considered you. You see, we are proactive and caring.

Head over to our product designer tool and do it on the fly. Add your own text, photos, shapes, artwork or simply from our collection. Jump over to these quick illustrated tutorial on how to use the tool.

3.     Submit Your Design

If you cannot find a product in our shop and for some reasons you cannot use our online personalization tool, simply submit your artwork plus details and we will do the rest.

4.     Print

At this point, your work is over. It is our turn. Sit, relax and focus on something else as we make necessary adjustments and do the printing.

5.     Shipping

Once order is ready, we package and deliver at it you. Game over! It is actually as simple as that!