If you have an issue with your order, contact us directly within 4 weeks (28 days) of product delivery and provide all necessary information and photographic evidence. After investigation, we will determine if you are eligible to receive a replacement at no cost to you.


Orders are refundable when:

  1. We are unable to produce part or all of your order due to a limitation of our manufacturing equipment.
  2. You request a change or cancellation to the order and the order has not started production.
  3. We may hold an order due to a design or an artwork concern

Orders are NOT refundable for reasons including the following:

  1. The wrong size/color is ordered. Make sure you select the right color and size
  2. The uploaded artwork was not of good quality and printed pixelated or incorrectly.
  3. There’s verification that the package was lost (in this case, we usually reprint and reship the order).
  4. There are small variations within a wholesale order. This is normal due to our processes.
  5. An item was damaged in transit.