Not everyone likes February 14th, that time of year when love is splattered everywhere you look.  For some, it’s just another day. For others, single ladies and men whose relationship probably broke recently, widows, widowers, bachelors, and bachelorettes, Valentine’s Day is overrated and a waste of time and money.

All in all, it is still a day to celebrate being single solid. We’ve cooked up some funny anti-Valentine’s Day t-shirt, home décor, and other accessory gift ideas that will let you wallow in sassy sweetness. In addition, find anti-love quotes, jokes, memes, and custom gift designs for February 14th and 15th   Singles Awareness Day (SAD).

Let’s revel in the sweet, sweet prints of singledom.

Funny Anti-valentines T-Shirts

Shirts and tees are the best ways to express how much you do not like February 14th.

You can get snarky tees and shirts featuring bold and humorous anti-Valentine’s Day quotes, sayings, slogans, and sarcastic messages about love.

Graphic t-shirt designs, including broken hearts and other anti-love illustrations, can also help express a sense of independence and humor.

Following are some anti-Valentine shirt design ideas.

Valentine is Ovary-ated

This design idea comes with a funny ovary pun. Probably the best for men who believe this day is for women(Ovaries). Even single ladies: widows and bachelorettes can rock in this tee.

Valentine's day is overrated
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I hate Valentine’s Day shirt.

This classic tee expresses that Feb 14th is not your cup of tea. It can feature the wording “I hate Valentine’s Day,” or you can combine this wording with some illustrations that depict anti-romance and self-love.

Real Meaning of Ex

What does ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend really mean? Check out this tee with hilarious meaning…

funny anti-valentine tee, meaning of ex
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My Perfect Date: A Calendar with No Valentine’s Day.

Nothing really says “romance is dead,” like wearing a shirt that announces that your perfect calendar must have Feb 14th canceled out.

Date 14 of February cancelled!

Proud Member of Singleton Nation

Wear this shirt and declare your allegiance to the one and only Singleton Nation! Of course, the membership perks include unlimited personal space, full control of the TV remote, and the prestigious title of Chief Solo Explorer. It’s a solo journey, and you’re the proud leader of the pack – welcome to Singleton Nation!

Not Single, Just Focused on Self-Love.”

This shirt is the official uniform for those enrolled in the prestigious Self-Love Academy. In this academy,  individuals are dedicated to showering themselves with affection, attention, and the occasional chocolate bar. Who needs a significant other when you’ve got the most considerable person right here? It’s not about being single; it’s about mastering the art of self-love with style!

My Dog/Cat is My V-Day Tees

And if pets are more your speed, I’ve got you covered there, too. Rock a “Crazy Cat Person” bandana on your fur baby to let the world know cats are the only Valentines you need.

“I Don’t Need Love, I Have a Dog/Cat, etc”

“Single by Choice, Cat Lady by Destiny.”

Pet as companion alternative for Vday

Single and Ready to Flamingle”

 Strut into the world like a confident flamingo because you’re not just single – you’re ready to flamingle! This shirt, a variation of the classic “Single & Ready to Jingle,” is your ticket to the hottest solo party in town, where the dance floor is all yours and the flamingos envy your moves.

Single and ready to flamingle funny anti-valentine day tee

I’m not anti-love; I’m pro-me!

This shirt is the official attire for those who excel in the art of self-love. Move over, Cupid – it’s all about being pro-you! Because who needs roses when you’ve got the thorns of sarcasm and a heart that beats to the rhythm of independence?

Anti-Valentine’s Club: No Dues, No Drama.

Welcome to the Anti-Valentine’s Club – where the only membership requirement is a solid aversion to cliché romance! No dues, no drama, just a shirt that proudly declares your rebellion against heart-shaped everything. Join the club and celebrate the freedom from overrated love stories!

No-Vday no dues no drama

My Valentine is My Bed; It Never Lets Me Down.

This shirt declares loyalty to the coziest relationship in town: you and your bed!  No heartbreaks, no disappointments – just you and your trusty valentine because it never lets you down, literally. Sweet dreams, no heartstrings attached!


Hoodies provide a cozy and casual way to express anti-Valentine sentiments.

You can get normal-size or oversized hoodies and zip-up options with designs such as grumpy or broken heart graphics to funny slogans that playfully reject traditional romance.

You can also opt for Hoodies that feature quirky lines about pampered pets over partners.

And since it’s February, warmth is key. Grab an “Only Lovers I Need Are My Oversized Hoodies” in cozy red and pink hues.

“Love is Temporary, Hoodies are Forever”

“Staying Single, Saving Money”

“Love is overrated, but my Cat never disappoints.”

Anti-Valentine’s Day Wallpaper Art

Anti-Valentine’s Day wall art can include posters or canvas prints with bold graphics and witty quotes pronouncing single superiority.

These pieces can serve as a humorous and decorative reminder that not everyone buys into the conventional romance narrative. Here are some of our favorites.

“Heartless Symphony” Musical Notes:   

Heartless symphony-anti valentine day wall art/post
A visual representation of a heart transforming into musical notes with the caption “Heartless Symphony.”

“Solo Squad” Silhouette Art:

Solo Squad wall art/poster

“Broken but Unbowed” Sculptural Art:

3d wall art Feb 14
A 3D wall art piece using broken heart pieces assembled into a resilient shape with the caption “Broken but Unbowed.”

More wall art ideas:

Glossy paper prints and canvas pieces pronouncing single superiority

 watercolor wine glass stains over paper hearts

“Relationship Status: In a Committed Relationship with My Couch”

Sarcastic Love Banners:

Banners with anti-love slogans like “Love is Overrated” or “Happily Ever After is a Myth.” Hang them on walls or across doorways.

Black and White Photo Display:

Replace romantic couple photos with black and white prints of solo travelers, independent adventurers, or iconic single figures.

Anti-Love Wall Art:

Create or print wall art with quotes like “Love Stinks” or “Cupid is Cancelled” in bold, edgy fonts.

Pillow Covers

Pillow covers can display humorous and anti-romantic themes, making them a quirky addition to home decor.

You can get plush and punchy pillows in shades of red, pink, and white with cheeky embroidered witty messaging around self-care and relaxation as soft surfaces for resting without romantic restriction.

You can also create custom designs, including broken hearts or illustrations that mock traditional symbols of love.

“Love Stinks, But This Pillow Doesn’t”

“Sleeping Alone: The Ultimate Relationship Goal”

“My Cat is My Soulmate” 

Pessimistic Pillowcases:

Change your usual pillowcases for ones with negative love-related phrases or even a broken heart design.

Grumpy Cat Decor:

Incorporate Grumpy Cat-themed decor items with the famous feline’s disapproving expression on banners, posters, or even as part of your table setting.

Pouty Face Emoji Decor:

Integrate pouty face emoji decor items like pillows or wall art, capturing the essence of the anti-Valentine’s Day mood.

Single and Thriving Tote Bags

Nothing beats a tote bag screaming self-love and independent attitude to carry all your salty sorrows and essential me-time must-haves.

A practical and expressive tote bag for celebrating the love you have for yourself can feature bold graphics or slogans that reflect that you’re okay on your own.

“Carrying Emotional Baggage Like a Pro”

“Single and Fabulous, Darling!”

“Not a Bag of Roses, Just a Bag of Chips”

“Off The Market & Onto Retail Therapy!”

Anti-Romance Leggings

To show the world that you’re strong alone, you want some leggings for flexing your physical and mental fortitude.

Leggings can feature unique anti-Valentine’s Day patterns such as broken hearts, quirky graphics, or humorous quotes. They provide a comfortable and stylish way to embrace the anti-romance theme.

Anti-Romance Underwear

You can also get yourself saucy underthings to celebrate singledom and self-care. Undergarments include, pants, lingerie or loungewear pieces adorned in cheeky text, embroidery, or trim details as unabashedly solo statements, playful graphics/patterns, crafted in smooth, soft fabrics.

Embracing Singlehood Socks

Statement sock sets perfect way to pamper your solo pedicures. Anti-v-day can feature fun and sarcastic designs, adding a touch of rebellion to your wardrobe. They might include grumpy faces, broken hearts, allover prints of anti-candy hearts, or clever wordplay. Some ideas include

  • Socks covered in little red X’s to really cross out Cupid this year! Give him the boot, literally!
  • “Cold Feet? Nah, Just a Warm Heart for Pizza”
  • “Socks Before Sweethearts”


Frilly aprons pronouncing prickly statements can add a humorous twist to kitchen activities while making a statement about the unconventional celebration of love.

Designs may feature bold slogans, cooking puns or graphics that playfully promote self-indulgence while mocking the romanticized aspects of cooking.

“Love Burns, So Does My Cooking”

“Chef of Broken Hearts”

“Kiss the Cook? Nah, I’d Rather Kiss My Pizza”

No-Love Hats & Caps

Anti-love caps are perfect way of poking fun at romance while adding a touch of style to your outfit.

You can try out anti-valentine’s Day embroidered beanies or baseball caps sporting sarcastic or sassy phrases, visual gags like crosses over hearts and puns galore. Your aim is to have a playful and rebellious accessory to celebrate your singlehood. Following are some ideas

“Lonely Hearts Club”

“Dateless and Fabulous”

Singledom Phone Cases

Personalized phone cases are a great way to flaunt your singledom loud n’ proud and protect your device.

Mobile accessories celebrating singledom feature glittery gems boldly stating relationship status, sarcastic messaging around desires for more pets and plants, and custom cases with flat lays of photographed luxury solo living.

Our favorite is a glittery background stating, “My Bed Has Better Vacancies than My Dating Life!”

But skeletons swiping left/right on Tinder are also prime V-Day mockery.

Or get yourself a “Forever Alone” phone case to embrace the single lady emoji lifestyle.

“Heartbreaker Since [Year of Birth]”

“Swipe Left on Valentine’s Day”

“Emergency Exit: Relationship Status”

Coffee Cups

Glossy mugs and tumblers for toasting wine rather than whining appear as debonair drinking vessels with bold lettering. In contrast, enamel camp mugs remain devoted to pampering pets and plants over prospective partners.

And mugs that say “It’s Just Another Day” on them filled to the brim with wine, not whining. You can have these statements.

  • “Forever Alone”
  • “Too Bitter For Love”
  • “Happily Single”

Your anti-Valentine’s Day coffee cups can also feature humorous and rebellious designs, adding a touch of sarcasm to your morning routine or single awareness party.

Singlehood Cards

Anti-Valentine’s Day cards are perfect for those who want to send a lighthearted and rebellious message.

Snide letterpress notecards for spreading anti-love feature sarcastic greetings and sassy stock imagery plus blank interchangeable inserts for custom bitter messages to friends.

Anti-love Keychains and Jewelry Ideas

Broken Heart Duo: Create a keychain featuring two pieces of a broken heart that fit together. Emblazon each piece with anti-love slogans like “Solo” and “Survivor.”

Anti-Love ring set: Create a set of stackable rings with engravings like “Bah Humbug,” “Solo,” and “Anti-Love.”

Grumpy Cat Earrings: Design earrings featuring the iconic Grumpy Cat with a disapproving expression, adding a touch of humor to anti-love jewelry.

Barbed Wire Bracelet: Craft a bracelet with barbed wire elements, conveying a sense of protection against romantic entanglements.

Single and Proud Anklet:   Develop an anklet with charms that spell out “Single and Proud,” expressing confidence in one’s solo status.

Mismatched Puzzle Piece:   Develop a keychain shaped like a puzzle piece that doesn’t quite fit into any other, representing the difficulty of finding a perfect match.

Being Single & Self-love Quotes & Sayings for Anti-valentine Day

  • I’m talking “Soulmate? More like NOPEmate”
  • I’m Not Single; I’m in a Long-Term Relationship with Freedom.”
  • “Not Single, Just Focused on Self-Love.”
  • “I Love That We Hate The Same Things” card
  • “No Bae, No Problem”
  • “Valentine’s Day Forecast: 99% Chance of Wine.”
  • “Love is Temporary. Tacos are Eternal. Let’s Taco ’bout Real Commitment.”
  • “Anti-Valentine’s Day Commandments”
  • “Romance Level: Ordering Takeout Without Sharing.”
  • Valentine’s Day Survival Kit: Chocolate, Netflix, Headphones.”
  • “Valentine’s Day Checklist: Netflix, Pizza, No Pants.”
  • “All You Need is Self-Love” wall art
  • Why fall in love when you can fall asleep?”
  • “Love is a rollercoaster. I prefer a stable chair.”
  • “Love is a puzzle. I’m missing a few pieces, and I like it that way.”
  • I’m allergic to cheesy pick-up lines. Swipe left on love.”
  • “Love is in the air? Must be a pollution alert.”
  • “Heartbreak hotel: No vacancies for love.”
  • “Love is overrated, but pizza never disappoints.
  • “Love Stinks, Pass the Air Freshener”
  • “Cupid Is Overrated, I Shoot My Own Arrows”
  • “I love me more than you.”
  • “Soulmate? More Like Nopemate”
  • “Sweetheart? More like Fartheart”
  • “Cupid is Stupid” coffee mugs
  • “XOXO? No.” throw pillows
  • Love is Blind, Marriage is an Eye-Opener.”
  • “Valentine’s Day Checklist: Netflix, Pizza, No Pants.”
  • “Sorry Cupid, I’m on Strike.”
  • “My Valentine is My Bed; It Never Lets Me Down.”
  • “Cupid, Keep Your Arrows; I’ve Got Pizza and Wi-Fi.”
  • “Relationship Status: Error 404 – Love Not Found.”
  • “Love is Temporary, Tacos are Forever.”
  • “Single and Loving It: Less Drama, More Pizza.”
  • “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Vodka is Cheaper than Dinner for Two.”

Encouraging Messages for Single Awareness Day

  • “You are enough. You’ve always been enough.” Reminds people of their inherent worth.
  • “Invest in yourself.” Encourages self-care and personal growth.
  • “Love flows from within.” Speaks to self-love and fulfillment coming from within.
  • “Single is a status, not a sentence.” Validates choosing to be single.
  • “Live your best life.” Motivates singles to fully pursue their dreams and passions.
  • “Focus on becoming, not finding.” Inspires embracing the journey of bettering oneself.
  • “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” Highlights that meaningful connections come from authenticity.
  • “Tomorrow is unwritten.” Empowers hope and possibility for the future.
  • “You’ve got this.” Simple reassurance for handling life’s ups and downs.
  • “May love, light and hope lift your spirit.” Uplifting blessing.

The above ideas and items provide a creative outlet for expressing a humorous and non-traditional perspective on Valentine’s Day, allowing you to celebrate their independence with style and wit.

Don’t dwell on XOXO; instead, rock a smile that says you’ve got it all. This auntie-Valentine’s Day, adorn yourself with cheeky prints that say “love me, love me not, I don’t really care.” And surround yourself with your true soulmates – fabulous friends, wine bottles that never judge, and a furball by your side. Enjoy your retail therapy and solitude – happy you-Day honeys!

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