Promotional wearable products especially  branded custom t shirts can be an effective way to grow your business fast locally as well as internationally.
T shirt advertising statistics, reveal that a good number of consumers love giveaways that come with useful value. A tee is not only an attractive item but a form of clothing that covers your body.

With Print on Demand (POD) technology, coming up with custom branded apparel is relatively an easy task and hence it should not worry you.

Designing the right tee with your brand/product/service in mind can bring your business new customers, create more brand awareness and bring more profits.
However, the success of this tee marketing strategy lies on the level of your creativity. This means that the choice of artwork that will appear on the giveaway tees is something that your potential customers will love.
It is a matter of doing thorough research on the existing trends, what your consumers may like etc. then creatively blending it with your brand.

Ways to use T shirts for Promotion

Here are t shirt giveaway ideas to attract more new customers as well retain the existing ones .

1. Use your custom tees as an incentive

Sometimes, the best way to enhance your marketing strategy is by seeking feedback from your clients. A very small percentage of unsatisfied customers may express their disappointment. Asking for honest opinion from clients pertaining a given product or service will help you grow your business.

Since it is not always easy to get people to give their opinions, you can use the promotional custom t-shirts as an incentive to make your survey more productive.

For every customer who expresses their views, you  give them a t-shirt with your brand. This motivates more people to come forth and in return they will be interested in knowing more about your business.

Even better, the participants are likely to spread the word to their friends and families.

2. Give t shirts as a bonus gift

This will work best where you are marketing a new product. You can motivate your customers to buy the new product by offering a free t-shirt for every purchase of the new product. Most customers enjoy free gifts and sometimes, they make a purchase, not because they need the product but because they are more interested in the bonus gift.

A bonus gift helps you get double success. First, you will have increased sales of your new product, and second, you will have promoted your business since every time your customers wear the  branded bonus tee, more people will notice your business.

3. Distribute  promotional tees at sponsored events

You company or business can earn plenty of recognition when it sponsors an event. Sponsoring an event can include giving the participants of the event t-shirts which are not only branded with the theme of the event but also with your product/service/ brand.

Attendees of the event will wear your t-shirts and that keeps on reminding them of your brand. Other people who see them wearing the t-shirts may as well become interested in your business.

4. Wear your custom branded t-shirts during street marketing campaigns

When you send out a team to go and promote your products, it is a good idea that they all dress up in the t-shirts with your  brand.

This not only creates uniformity but also serves as a good back up for the description your team gives about your company’s product/service.

They should also carry with them extra t-shirts to randomly give to people in the street.

5. Use Vloggers, Bloggers & social media Influencers

Another innovative way of promoting your business is by sending branded t-shirts to  bloggers, vbloggers (Youtubers)  or social media influencers who have a decent following.

In the world of today, almost everyone can cheaply access the internet which means the online arena is a huge opportunity you should exploit.

You may have to pay, since some these online figures have an established following or audience which,  in some cases, is focused on a particular group of people in a given region.

Still on social media, bet it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram among others, you can simply display the custom t-shirts on your social media profiles.  These platforms can help you have a wide coverage of the people who eventually will get to familiarize with your brand.

6. Attend trade shows

If you get a chance to attend trade shows which do not specify the attire, get your teammates or employees who will represent your brand on the show to wear your tees with your brand.

These t-shirts introduce your product/service/brand to all the people attending the trade show without you having to say a word.

7. Run a simple competition

A competition is best if you’ve already won some customers. Existing customers who are familiar with will be more willing to participate compared to new customers.

The competition can be run anywhere but the easiest and least expensive is on your social media platforms. It can be all about answering simple questions or completing simple tasks.

Let the winners have t shirts as rewards

Custom tshirts for business marketing and promotion

Tips to make your T shirt Marketing Campaigns successful

To make the process of promoting your products through customized or branded t-shirts successful, consider the following factors.

Understand your audience

Promotion of a product using a t-shirt involves wearing the t-shits. This is therefore likely to work if your target customers wear t-shirts.

You do not want to give t-shirts to people who will never wear them. Take you time to find out what interests your target audience the most. For instance, if your audience loves football, you may want to design football style t-shirts.

You must ensure you design a variety of tees(colors and styles) to take care of the customers’ different tastes and preferences.

Consider visual elements of your t-shirt

Visual elements include text, color, illustrations or images which your final the final art will comprise of. This may include images of your products, list of your services, logo or name of your business.

Let this be the elements be based your customer’s preferred style and color.

You must choose the images and words you print on the t-shirt wisely. Ensure you pick these elements creatively  so that they sell your product at a glance.

In case you deal with various lines of products, you can choose to design several t-shirts each for a different product. This ensures that all your products are well displayed to the public.

As much as you may like to promote several products in a single t-shirt, remember that a t-shirt that has too many illustrations, graphics or  words may not be effective because of unclarity hence not many will understand at a glance. Keep it simple and clear…

In terms of color, the clear-cut best practice for choosing  colors is that design elements that are dark colored should be on grey or white t-shirts while light-colored elements are best put on dark shirts.

You should also consider the theme color of your business when choosing the color of your brand t-shirt.

If want a more professional design, hire one of our designers or try our online t shirt designer.

Research on past Viral tee Marketing designs

There are several businesses that have been successful in promoting their products using t-shirts. Researching about such businesses gives you a foundation even before you can design your t-shirt and come up with the promotional strategies.

If possible, talk to those who were involved  so that you can have a clear idea on what to expect.

It is on the basis of the information gathered that you can build a better tee for marketing your business.

You must also find out what your competitors are doing to promote their products.

Assess your financial viability

If your business is a start-up or if your product is totally new to the market, you will need to be careful on your budget.

As much as promoting your business or product is important, it should not drain you financially.

This goes down to the type of t-shirts you print, which printing company you choose to work with, and in what way you wish to use the t-shirt to promote your business.

Lately, people are on their phones all the time and that makes it easy to grab their attention online. You must ensure that the digital version of your tee is posted in a form which is accessible by everyone from different devices; be it phones, laptops, or computers.

For the digital versions of your promotional tees, you can always offer further guidelines on links that the potential customers can click and learn more about your products.

For the non-digital versions, find a way to include how customers can get reach of you.

Remember, the t-shirt only captures the keywords leaving out some details which potential buyers may be interested in.

For more inspiration,Teespy has listed  Awesome T-Shirt Marketing Campaigns you can learn from.